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An astronomer has no business "believing" in UFOs - but sometimes he has no choice...


A Former NASA Astronomer Breaks His Silence About UFOs

On January 1, 2017 former NASA astronomer Marian Rudnyk was eating at a McDonald's McDiner in Monrovia, California when he noticed four unknown craft descend out from the dark rain clouds. Racing outside he shot photos and a video - & changed his life forever. The footage was authenticated by US Air Force Space Command and a heavy military response ensued - and events continue to unfold to this day. This is that story & so much more...

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On May 30, 2022, while filming WW2 era aircraft that were doing celebratory overflights in the BigM area of Monrovia, CA, I noticed an extremely fast speeding object streak across the sky in an "instant". I kept filming the vintage aircraft knowing full well that the UFO might be in the area because it was curious about them. The hope was that I might catch the UFO in my photography - & in one video I did. Here is what happened...


The video below fully details that sighting and the events that unfolded afterwards, including 2 more UFO sightings, a USAF aircraft, helicopters, etc. & all context...


Below is a short concise video focusing just on the tictac UFO itself, including slow motion, screencaps, & closeups...


Robert M. Wood, PhD

Aerospace Engineer


Director Research & Development at McDonnell Douglas

Director Advanced Development International Space Station Project at McDonnell Douglas

UFO Sighting By Astronomer Results In Unexpected Harrassment & Knowledge

This book is unique because it’s written about UFOs by an establishment astronomer. The five UFOs he saw and photographed showed very impressive details. He accidentally discovers original film from early Gemini space flights that apparently had UFO photos extracted and learns first-hand of the threatening processes that result in his surrender of this film. Later, his willingness to share the details of his own “sighting” apparently result in his being covertly followed by the “Men in Black.” However, one of the humorous highlights for me was the way he went up the them, introducing himself and getting them flustered enough so that their mission was apparently a failure.
Stan Friedman, who just passed, and this reviewer (Bob Wood) were two of the few names from the UFO “community” in the book, citing an email where he tried to send me an attachment that never made it. He states that he was trying to send me the details of his own sighting, which are now available to anyone who buys this book. Like some other readers, I read it at one sitting, captured by the fascinating autobiographical story, eager to find what happens to him at the end. Good UFO sighting, good examples of covert control by the “powers that be”, an interesting life story and a good read.
Aug. 11, 2019,  Amazon

Stanton Friedman

Nuclear Physicist, GE, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, & McDonnell Douglas

"I am much intrigued by your sighting, and by your special talents. Pictures and videos sound special."

George Knapp

Journalist, Coast to Coast AM

"A former NASA astronomer, a scientist who is typically dismissive of unknown craft flying around the sky, or aliens, or UFOs, or any of those topics in general. He kind of towed the line, the scientific line, that there’s nothing to it. Nothing to any of it. Until he didn’t. Until he saw it for himself. And there was a price to pay for that as well. Photographing the encounters – and I say encounters plural. He’s been spied upon. Sabotaged. Followed. Threatened. You name it..."


Marian Rudnyk Speaks at UPARS  (1-21-20)

Marian Rudnyk does an in-person detailed presentation for UPARS that covers the events of his fateful 2017 McDiner UFO Event where he saw & filmed 4 UFOs that spawned a heavy military response due to a possible UFO crash. He also reveals additional UFO sightings that plague the area & exposes the ongoing military activity that clearly indicates there is much more going on than anyone ever expected…

A definite must-see video featuring pictures & more!!

EarthAncients Podacst  (12-4-2021)

Marian Rudnyk in an extensive interview with Cliff Dunning covering everything from his original 2017 McDiner UFO Event, other UFO sightings, strange events during his time at NASA (including hidden Gemini mission films!) - as well as his run-ins with the US Air Force. A definite "must hear"!

FRIGHTDAY  PODCAST: Discussion About Marian Rudnyk (7-14-2021)

“This week Kelly & Byron continue their investigation into the life of former NASA & JPL employee, Marian Rudnyk, walking up to their interview with him next week."

And make sure to listen for the hilarious outtakes & commentaries at the end, as well as to find out why the pronunciation of "Mars" is important..!

FRIGHTDAY  PODCAST: A Conversation With Marian Rudnyk (7-16-2021)


"Moon June/July this year lead us down some unexpected paths. One of those was into the world of whistleblower, UFO witness, former NASA astronomer, gym rat, & author Marian Rudnyk. With interest in discloosure becoming more and more mainstream, we were lucky enough to sit down with Marian to hear his story..."

-Kelly Frightday

Coast To Coast: George Knapp Talks With Marian Rudnyk (12-2-2019)

“Marian Rudnyk hunted asteroids for NASA and also mapped lava flows on Mars and ice fractures on Jupiter’s moon Europa. After a UFO sighting that changed his life forever, Rudnyk was thrust into a world he had condemned: the biarre universe of UFOs. Rudnyk will discuss how he was torn away from the scientific community to find new allies – the very ufologists he had fought his whole life.”

-George Knapp

Mysterious Universe (8-14-2019)

“An astronomer has no business believing in UFOs but sometimes he has no choice. Especially when the phenomenon so blatantly shows itself. This is exactly what happened to Marian Rudnyk on a fateful day in January of 2017. The former NASA astronomer and planetary scientist joins us on this episode to tell us about his incredible sighting and the dangerous consequences of speaking about it.”


- Hosted by Benjamin Grundy & Aaron Wright

Wendy's Coffeehouse: Marian Rudnyk, Former NASA Astronomer on UFOs, MIBs and Military flybys (11-10-2019)

“As a NASA Astronomer, Marian Rudnyk had no interest in UFOs and certainly didn't believe in them. UFO enthusiasts he encountered (like Bigfoot guy Erik Bekjord) bolstered his aversion. Then he saw 5. Five. He has pictures and video. Intersect. Now a former NASA Astronomer, not only does he talk about the UFOs he saw, his photo/video evidence includes MIBs and Military flybys. So much activity he’s writing a second book…”


- Hosted by Wendy Garrett




Demo Reel: Visual Effects & Animation By Marian Rudnyk


This video showcases a sample of of the visual effects & animation work done by Marian Rudnyk. Featured work includes scenes from "Titanic", "Armageddon", Disney's "The Kid", "End Of Days", "The Matrix 3: Revolutions", "Star Trek 9: Insurrection", Lady & The Tramp sequence used in Disney's "102 Dalmatians", Disney's "Mission To Mars", "A Beautiful Mind", etc.

Note that at the end there are 2 additional bonus clips:

A. FX Producer from "End Of Days" discussing a deceivingly simple looking scene that was actually complex & took me a full week to create.

B. The award winning Levis Jeans For Women traditionally animated TV commercial known as "Trading Secrets".

- so please keep watching to the very end. Thanx & enjoy!

Note: Total running time is under 6 minutes.

Music: "Feels So Numb" by Rob Zombie; (c) 2003 Geffen Records.

Copyright: All rights retained by original owners of each individual clip. Used under fair use doctrine for demonstration purposes only.



Above is the video that takes you through the whole Jan. 1, 2017 original "McDiner UFO Event" & so much more!

McDiner UFO Event Triggers A Military Response


On Jan. 1, 2017 Marian Rudnyk spotted 4 UFOs in what became known as the McDiner UFO Event. Under wraps for about a month, word finally leaked out to USAF Space Command & he was forced to hand over copies of his imagery to the military. They responded by sending military aircraft including F-18s Super Hornets - including a squadron from the USS Nimitz – the same one that had dealt with the infamous TicTacs, only this time they were scouring the mountainsides & canyons for a possible crash retrieval disk-shaped craft…

McDiner UFO Event (1-1-2017)

CBS 11pm Evening News Report On Feb. 3, 2017: F-18s Arrive

This is the actual CBS evening news report that originally aired on 2-3-2017 that announced the surprise unannounced arrival of  F-18 Super Hornets at Burbank airport that night. Earlier in the day, 4 additional F-18s had also arrived (see picture in gallery). This all occurred just as predicted by my USAF Space Command related contact who had informed me that these were coming in response to my McDiner UFO sighting.


Please note: this gallery represents only a small sample selection of the additional sightings that have occurred over Monrovia, CA in the last 4 years since my 2017 McDiner UFO Event. Footage from additional events will be added in time. Please check my TWITTER feed (which is set to "public", so you don't have to be a TWITTER member to view it) for announcements on future updates. Thank you!

                           "UFO Orb Over Monrovia, CA - 10/30/2021"

On Oct. 30, 2021, while filming the skies from an open south facing window I saw an orb plunge from the skies above & come to a dead stop. I quickly pressed the shutter button on my BLU G9 Pro & got this one picture. The UFO then shot off in an incredible BURST of speed, treetop level to the SW (left), & disappeared.

Interestingly, the camera caught the color you see here, while with my naked eye what I actually saw was a very distinctly pink color.

Why this color discrepancy? I have some theories I'm still exploring & hope to present in my upcoming book "INTERSECT-2".  

MIB & Other Activity

This gallery contains just a sample of the MIB activity I have encountered. Also, certain portions of the pictures have been blocked out.  These actions have been taken out of concern for national security considerations. Pictures & videos do exist which reveal faces, etc. These have all been securely stored, pending more serious review. Please consider that although I have signed no NDA, having been with NASA, as well as at aerospace companies in the past, I am sensitive to security concerns.



This gallery contains just a small sample of the massive aerial activity occurring over Monrovia, CA  since the 2017 McDiner UFO Event.  Please keep in mind that:

1. This all takes place in just this ONE location

2. This town is NOT next to a military base

3. This is a typical S.California hillside residential community

4. There is nothing militarily significant here - except for UFO/UAP activity

Helicopter Harassment Just Prior To Coast to Coast AM Interview (12-22-2019)

Helicopter harassed me just prior to my Coast to Coast AM interview with George Knapp on 12-22-2019.  Concurrently, all electronic external communications were knocked out for a time. The helicopter appeared to be a Pasadena PD helicopter (based on the number visible on its tail). When contacted Pasadena PD dryly stated: "We know of none of our craft in the air over your area."  I explained I had both video & pictures clearly identifying the helicopter and even pilot faces - they simply replied "No comment" and hung up.


So what did Pasadena PD know, or not know?

Were they barred from speaking?

Who exactly flew this helicopter?


Although many questions remain, the intent was clear: to intimidate & to disrupt my upcoming interview.

OSPREYS at SUNSET Over Monrovia, CA (4-1-2019)

Four military OSPREY overflew my house at sunset on 4-1-2019 & headed into the canyons behind the BigM mountain, Monrovia, CA. Listen closely & you can also here the song "Tiny Dancer" accidentally eerily playing in the background on a radio from an open kitchen window.

Marine Venom Harassment (8-28-2019)

On 8-28-2019 a Marine Venom battlefield helicopter hovered over my house. When I came out a soldier menacingly pointed a gun at me & I snapped one picture. Then the helicopter took off. After I quickly recomposed myself I managed to get a video of the Venom quickly leaving, heading east.

Unknown/Blocked Helicopter Descends Into BigM Canyon (20190323)


The above video shows an unknown/blocked helicopter that descended into the BigM Canyon, Monrovia, CA on March 23, 2019.  Note: there is supposedly "nothing" back there, yet aircraft are repeatedly coming in & out of that area since my 2017 McDiner UFO Event, when one of the 4 ufo craft I saw, appeared damaged, & may have crashed somewhere in those extremely rugged canyons.

SEAHAWKS Over Our House - Again (9-24-2019)

Only 4 days before (see picture in Gallery) a SEAHAWK helicopter hovered over our house. Then (as shown in the above video), on Sept. 24th, 2 more SEAHAWKS showed up, buzzed my house, & then headed into the BigM canyons. Armed with powerful APS-124 Search Radar(disk), nose mounted FLIR, & a magnetic anomaly detector - obviously they seem to be hunting "something"...

                                                                                   VIPER BATTLEFIELD HELICOPTERS OVER THE BigM

I often get asked: "Is the activity over there at the BigM mountain areas continuing?" My answer is, yes it is - both UFO/UAP & military....

Below is a recent video (9-29-2021) of 2 fully armed military VIPER battlefield helicopters that came out of the canyons behind the BigM and raced along the ridges, heading east, and then went back into the canyons. If you look at the gallery above you will see that 2 VIPERS were also here on 2-11-2021. There were other instances as well. Fully armed - they are obviously regularly patroling these hillsides and canyons. It is notable that there is nothing exceptional here in that extremely rugged terrain - except frequent activity by UFOs/UAP...

                         PAVEHAWKS & CHINOOKS AT SUNSET

The video below is of a military aircraft group comprised of 2 PAVEHAWK helicopters & 2 Chinooks flying over the BigM area of Monrovia, CA on Oct. 20, 2021. I filmed the group from just down the street from my house (I had just started going jogging when they appeared). The low-flying group moved east to west, paralleling the ridgelines, and descended even lower when they were over my house. Inside my house, my mom said the sound and shaking was so bad that even some things fell over. The group then veered northeast and into the canyons. It is important to note that this was not the only such group. A check of social media showed at least 3 or more other such groups (also comprised of 2 PAVEHAWKS and 2 Chinooks) were also spotted in hillside communities that day – some concurrently. Interestingly this event coincided with recent UFO orb sightings I had. As is often the case in sightings here, military and UFO activity seemed to be somehow inextricably linked.



Did you know there are ANTI-MATTER Stars? Here are my observations & insights about the possible implications of these enigmatic objects & why they might be important to the extraterrestrial question...


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Flashback to May 1988: My work on James Cameron’s blockbuster epic “TITANIC” was filled with a variety of digital effects work including digital paint as well as rotoscope animation. A lot has changed since then, but what was it like to do that kind of work back in those days? Check out an excellent in depth article I wrote, “Rotoscoping In The Modern Age”, for ANIMATION WORLD magazine - it gives you an insiders view of the intense work that helped bring the epic story to life…

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Skinwalker Ranch: Christopher Bartel Photo Exhibit – a stunning & often haunting collection of  photographs taken by Bartel during his time on the ranch. Known offically as “The Skinwalker Ranch Portfolio” is has been organized by Associate Director Taras W. Matla. Major support provided by the Dorothy & Nicholas Orem Exhibition Fund. Generous support is provided by the Maryland State Arts Council. It is available to view for FREE - just click the icon...


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George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM hosted my brother Adrian Rudnyk, a.k.a. “UFO Philosopher”, for an in depth and eye-opening 2021 interview about his landmark book “The Assessment: The Arrival Of Extraterrestrials”. Click the icon to check it out…

Has the recent 2021 release of the  US government’s official UAPTF (UAP Task Force) report on the confirmed reality of UFOs left you scratching your head? This may help: my brother Adrian Rudnyk, a.k.a. “UFO Philosopher”, has written an in depth analysis that sheds light on both its overall, as well hidden, meanings. It’s FREE! Just click the icon to download the free PDF…


At the peak of my Hollywood career, after having left NASA, I made the decision to give it all up & help my mom take care of my dad, who was battling two cancers. When, sadly, he lost that battle, I stayed on because by then my mom needed my help too (she is battling breast cancer). During this difficult time I redirected my career & rebuilt it as an author & published my family friendly Christmas epic "Santa's Sister". When my 2017 McDiner UFO Event happened, that new career was destroyed, as were any chances of me ever going back to NASA if I wanted to. The full story about all this, & much more, is in my book "INTERSECT...". Book sales here help support my efforts on UFO Disclosure as well as trying to rebuild my career under these most difficult new circumstances. Every sale is deeply appreciated. Additionally, I will always be happy to personally autograph & personalize copies of any of my books, circumstances permitting.  Thank you so very much & feel free to reach out & say "Hi!" via the contact page. Thanx!

My hit book "INTERSECT: A Former NASA Astronomer Breaks His Silence About UFOs" debuted at #1 in July 2019 & stayed in the top 10 the rest of the year! And for good reason: This is more than just a book about a UFO sighting - a sighting that had not one, but 4 unknown craft - one of which may have crashed in the nearby mountains. It is even more than the story of the overwhelming military response (which featured F-18s from the USS Nimitz of tictac ufo fame)...

It is a raw & unfiltered transformational story that features a detailed look at how for years I was actually an unwitting part of the UFO cover-up - & how time & again I came across UFO evidence, ignored it, & sometimes even helped cover it up. 

Did I actually paint a UFO out of USAF footage for a major Hollywood Studio? Yes.

Ate MIBs real? Yes.

Did I find the hidden original Gemini mission films - with UFO frames "removed"? Yes.

Did I still not believe in UFOs? Unfortunately, yes. It's all here - & more...

But that all changed in 2017 when a simple New Years Day lunch turned into a UFO event & forced me to finally confront the truth...

The book is available as both an eBook & a nice over-sized paperback. Please click the icon to go to the official Amazon page to check it out...

My book “Santa’s Sister” is not a little kid’s book – it is a fantasy Christmas epic. At over 300 pages, it is an enchanting tale of a little girl who finds a book that convinces her that Santa Claus (aka Kris Kringle) has a long-lost mysteriously forgotten sister named Noel Kringle. Noel supposedly resides at the South Pole, & the child sets out on a daring journey to find her - & in the process risks destroying the very thing she loves the most: Christmas.


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If you love poetry I hope you will check out this unique collection that features poetry that covers numerous topics – from NASA all the way to love. It’s all here – click the icon to check it out…


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