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An astronomer has no business "believing" in UFOs - but sometimes he has no choice...


A Former NASA Astronomer Breaks His Silence About UFOs

On January 1, 2017 former NASA astronomer Marian Rudnyk was eating at a McDonald's McDiner in Monrovia, California when he noticed four unknown craft descend out from the dark rain clouds. Racing outside he shot photos and a video - & changed his life forever. The footage was authenticated by US Air Force Space Command and a heavy military response ensued - and events continue to unfold to this day. This is that story & so much more...

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This book is unique because it’s written about UFOs by an establishment astronomer. The five UFOs he saw and photographed showed very impressive details. He accidentally discovers original film from early Gemini space flights that apparently had UFO photos extracted and learns first-hand of the threatening processes that result in his surrender of this film. Later, his willingness to share the details of his own “sighting” apparently result in his being covertly followed by the “Men in Black.” However, one of the humorous highlights for me was the way he went up the them, introducing himself and getting them flustered enough so that their mission was apparently a failure.
Stan Friedman, who just passed, and this reviewer (Bob Wood) were two of the few names from the UFO “community” in the book, citing an email where he tried to send me an attachment that never made it. He states that he was trying to send me the details of his own sighting, which are now available to anyone who buys this book. Like some other readers, I read it at one sitting, captured by the fascinating autobiographical story, eager to find what happens to him at the end. Good UFO sighting, good examples of covert control by the “powers that be”, an interesting life story and a good read.

UFO & MIB Activity


This is the video that takes you through the whole Jan. 1, 2017 original "McDiner UFO Event" & so much more!

Mysterious Universe: Episode 22.07 (8-16-2019)

Marian Rudnyk  is interviewed by hosts Benjamin Grundy & Aaron Wright about his 2017 "McDiner UFO Event", the massive military response to it,  & much more. A definite must-listen!



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